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Matej Games
Here in Slovakia we just insulated them and painted them with pastel colors.


Same in Hungary


Same in Mongolia


Same on moon


Life of Boris
never even known anyone ever who lived in Stalixa..


Real hard-working comrades dig Khrushchyovkas, Stalixas are for nerds


lisanna t
In Estonia these houses are getting makeovers one after another. They are becoming energy efficent and grey dull facades are covered and insulated


in Bucharest, Romania there are mostly with 4 floors. thanks to EU funding to improve efficiency, this buildings get a make over


In Russia theyd rather demolish khruschovkas and build new 20-story monstrosities. Because you cant make much money from renovating old buildings. Russian construction companies are only interested in making as much money from each m² as possible.


same here in lithuania and latvia, with renovation they are pretty decent, actually in lithuania we have more of brezhnevka type of apartements built from bricks not blocks, they are even better after recornstruction


Juan Micó
I'm fascinated by how these buildings can be depressing and charming at the same time.


Brutalist architecture .


I thought it was more Bauhaus.


Maybe playing to many dystopian games :-)

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Marco Antônio
Coming from Brazil and seeing lots of people homeless begging for money on the streets, these buildings don't look bad. Real ugliness is lying over a cardboard piece at night...


I know. I want these buildings to become more mainstream in USA. We have a ridiculous amount of homeless. The worst building (as long as it's not going to fall down) is better than homelessness.


They look like a prison, but what in Brazil doesn't?


There's also an argument that, with a very cheap, but poorly insulated apartment, the money you saved in building, you are spending in heating anyway.
It's not as much the style that is a problem, as some said, the set up is quite agreeable, with large courtyards, many shops and other services close by, etc. A minimum of decoration could make a world of difference. However, you don't want buildings in cheap concrete, water seeping in and ruining the rebar, a central heating that only has 2 settings, hot and off... The problem with the Soviet building style is, it was too much a one-size-fits-all, even if it doesn't fit. The exact same building was built from the frozen tundra to the Black Sea resorts and the desert, without any consideration for local practicability, the presence or lack of building material, etc.
The current situation also shows how important it is to have a minimum of open space to yourself, even if it's just a small balcony.


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